Fourteen years ago we decided to rent our house in Balestrate as a holiday apartment. The response was so great that we had to offer more properties which we could easily do as many of our relatives have apartments standing vacant. We now offer as rental properties, apartments belonging to our parents, siblings, uncles and aunts.

You may ask why it is that there are so many vacant apartments. The answer is simply this, that in the 1960s, many Italians moved to Germany to work as so-called “guest workers” . Their aim was to build a house for themselves and their children and to move back home again as soon as possible. However the children decided to stay in Germany where they had made a life for themselves and the apartments were left standing empty.

We rent the apartments year-round and also offer long-term rentals at special rates.

We are a family-run business and pride ourselves in taking personal care of our customers. We are happy to lend assistance at any time.

We look forward to welcoming you as our guests.


Girolamo, Andrea und Lucrezia Mazzola


Girolamo MAZZOLA

Contrada Tavolatella
90041 Balestrate

Germany Phone:
+49 (0) 7726 78 69

Italy Phone:
0039 091 8987144