Why the village is called Balestrate?

In the year 1307, King Frederick of Aragon declared that wherever the arrow from his crossbow landed, a village should be built. The village was then called “Balestrate” from Balestra, the Italian word for crossbow. King Frederick wanted this territory for the lucrative tuna fishing available and a Tonara Mandanza (tuna fishery) was established. However the small fishermen lived not from the tuna catch, but from Siccia (squid), and for this reason Balestrate is also known by the locals as Sicciara.

The coat of arms of Balestrate is composed of an squid and a crossbow.

Balestrate then further developed its economy through the wine industry and to this day the village still lives from fishing and agriculture. Tourism is a relatively recent development despite the wonderful beaches, the magnificent panoramic views and the natural beauty of the scenery.

Agriculture in Balestrate:

The olive and citrus fruit plantations and market gardens around Balestrate are naturally organic. The soil needs no artificial fertilizer as it is very fertile.

You can purchase organic native olive oil from us. The olives are painstakingly harvested and thus we achieve the excellent quality of our olive oil.


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