Welcome to Sicily!

Come, spend your family holiday, with friends or groups  in the warm, sunny south - in Sicily!

SICILY - a fascinatingly beautiful country! Miles long beaches. A coastline indented with bays, national parks, ruins, antique towns and last but not least, Mount Etna. If you are looking for variety and contrasts, discover our island and fall in love with it. Begin your holiday in west Sicily, then join us in Balestrate!

Balestrate is situated directly on the ocean. You can choose from lovingly furnished holiday flats in Balestrate itself, or idyllic holiday houses situated in beautiful surroundings on the outskirts of the town. You’ll get to know and learn to love the Mediterranean cheerfulness, the southern flair, the balmy evenings, the wonderful aroma and taste of traditional food and, of course, the spontaneous hospitality of the locals.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

The Mazzola Family


Girolamo MAZZOLA

Contrada Tavolatella
90041 Balestrate

Germany Phone:
+49 (0) 7726 78 69

Italy Phone:
0039 091 8987144